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The Madame Leash Story

Hello Fellow Dog Lovers,

If you’re reading this chances are there’s a special hound or two in your life! You want to know that the people you entrust your dog with are going to adore him as much as you do. So how did Madame Leash start?

Let’s go back in time. The year was 2011 and I was wearing a very different hat. I was a Primary School teacher who was burnt out and in need of a career change. I took what I thought was going to be a short break from the classroom and filled my time by volunteering at a local animal shelter. I loved the challenge of that environment so much that when I was offered a paid position I jumped at the chance. Working in that environment cemented by love and understanding of dogs. I gained a great respect for all dogs and loved watching their faces light up when it was time to release them from their pens and walk them. I imagined being greeted by those smiles on a bigger scale. Friends would ask me to walk their dogs, pop in and keep them company and care for them in their absence. I decided I loved this heart and soul ‘work’ and decided to start offering this service to all dogs.

Madame Leash was born of the fact that every dog deserves to get out and be a dog! I knew I wanted to enjoy that one on one times with dogs and for that reason decided to offer exclusively single household outings.

For 3 years I built up a loyal client base and worked, well… Like a dog! I decided that to keep doing the great work I needed to build a team. In 2014 Madame Leash started interviewing vet nurses, Zoology students, doggy day care attendants…

Fast forward to today; Madame Leash now has a trusted team of animal professionals who not only love dogs, but know dogs. It continues to be important to instil trust in the Madame Leash name, therefore only the best of the best become team members.

Each year we promote a charity that is close to our hearts and love the idea of giving back.

We are so passionate about providing the best dog walking Melbourne service and care for all dogs!

Hope to see you at the park soon!

Lauren and the team x


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